The Government Shutdown – My Final Word on This Shit and Then I’ll Shut Up

My very-Republican cousin had this posted on his wall: 

RE: Simple Wisdom from Duane Menor: Obama says the health care is law so Republicans should not fight it. So why does the Left fight the Defense of Marriage Act?

I message him the following lengthy lecture but it sums up my overall assessment of the gov’t shutdown and potential default crisis so I thought I’d make it available to everyone. 

>clears throat

Here we go…

This is a painfully obvious false equivalency. The Left challenged the legality of the Defense of Marriage Act via THE SUPREME COURT and won. They fought it through the proper channels. The Right challenged The ACA via THE SUPREME COURT and lost. They fought it through the proper channels.

But now they aren’t. They’re attaching The ACA to the debt ceiling and risking default in only 10 days. They are damaging the economy and risking a second Recession for the sake of a political argument rather than doing what is both prudent and practical.

They bitch and bitch about fiscal responsibility yet this shutdown is estimated to cost the country 2 billion dollars. And if we DO default?? Holy shit.

The Right is also bitching about “the will of the American people”. Yet 72% of the country is OPPOSED to using these drastic measures as leverage to disrupt The ACA. So once again, the GOP is being provably disingenuous.

The Democrats and Obama are demanding a clean CR bill. Which means doing what inevitably MUST be done without any strings. The Left isn’t attaching any extra demands or stipulations and is simply asking the Right to do the same. Nothing more, nothing less.

If the Republicans want to repeal or defund or otherwise fuck with The ACA, they should try to win the Senate, the Presidency, and retain the House in 2014/2016. Then they will have the power required to do what they wish. Because even if the GOP is right about The ACA (they aren’t), their poll numbers are dropping drastically. If the 2014 elections were held today, the latest data shows the Democrats would have a very real chance of winning back the House.

The bottom line is that the Republican strategy right now is doomed to failure EVEN if they are right about their perceived goals. If the GOP motive is selfless, which I doubt, they’d respect the wishes of the people and end this farce. If their motive is selfish, they’re still going to lose Congressional power. In what scenario do they come out on top? They know DAMN well Obama is not going to make any bullshit concessions on his signature ACA program, especially when it’s already gone through all the proper legal channels. The law is on his side.

Personally, I think the GOP knows that their strategy won’t get Obama to budge, but rather the goal is to raise the stakes to such a critical level and then attempt to falsely shift the blame onto the Democrats and Obama. Every poll indicates that this strategy would/will backfire. The public does NOT support what they are doing.

Now I know you think Ted Cruz is some kind of hero and you hope Boehner won’t even allow the House to vote on the matter (because that would be too democratic, right?), but despite your stubbornly steadfast position that I am certain I will never convince you to abandon, you must at least admit that the Republicans are fucked. Every angle, every poll, every analysis has them losing this fight. Unless Obama caves. And while he’s caved in the past… much to my chagrin… it’s quite obvious that he won’t this time.

It is in the best interest of your party, certainly politically at least, to concede in order to mitigate further implosion. But it’s a Tea Party minority that is banding together and causing this mess and anyone that has heard them speak knows damn well they aren’t the brightest bunch. Their best bet would be to encourage Boehner to let the House vote on a clean CR so the true will of the Republican led-body can show it’s true colors. If the party is truly united then they can spread the damage thinner and better protect themselves. Or is it really just a fringe element pulling the strings? Just allow the vote. Let the democratic process play out.

The GOP voted 43 times to repeal The ACA, but they won’t even vote ONCE about passing a clean CR. Does that make any sense? To ANYONE?

And it’s worth noting that under the watch of the Republican’s precious idol, Reagan, the debt ceiling was raised 18 times. Dubya raised it 7 times. When it’s inevitably raised again under Obama, he would tie with Dubya.

Nothing radical is going on here except the response from the GOP fringe. Period.


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