Racial Divides: Perpetuating or Resolving?

I came across this post on my FB newsfeed and it sparked a need to reply on my part. It evolved into an illuminating discussion about race, significant enough that I felt it warranted this blog post. Everything was copied/pasted as is. I’m curious to see if anyone has a response, so please feel free to leave comments. And yes, I’m well aware that my initial posts in the discussion weren’t very flushed out… but if you read the full conversation I get into the specifics as it goes along. Enjoy!

I’m “Breaking Dave”, fyi.

Brandon Easton
This is just about perfect. Pretty much my experience from 1991 – 2014. hahhaahahah Such is life. Always move forward!


Some people say I have “Minority Privilege.” Here is a list I complied of my 50 Black Male Minority Privileges in the 24 years of life. You can choose from the ones you would like to possibly…


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