Quantum Trains of Thought – OR – My Developing Theory About the Nature of the Human Experience

I was watching another episode of Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman and the whole episode was fascinating, as always, but one part in particular stuck out in regards to how time works. One theory was that the present is an echo of the past AND the future, the middle of two set goal posts, and what we actually experience on a daily basis is the discovery of the various points connecting the two.

Taking this further, subatomic behavior at the quantum level has been proven to be contingent on the observer (I highly recommend reading “Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza). Or in simpler terms, the tree that falls in the forest does NOT make a sound if nobody is there to hear it. This lends credibility that all is contingent on consciousness.

So… and this is all my own thoughts now… combined with the theory about time, perhaps our lives are also reflective of those same quantum principles on a macro level. We have a default setting, but if truly and throughly observed then real change can occur. The more enlightened we become… the more aware we are of ourselves, our nature, and the collective reality we live in… the more we can distance ourselves from our defaults. In a sense, it’s as if we are all born as programmed machines just striving to be what is traditionally considered as “human”.

If the present is always in state of flux, the result of two colliding echoes from our start and end points, then mainstream physics would assert we must live a pre-determined existence. Whatever paths taken we still start at Point A and will reach Point B.

BUT… if our existence on a grander scheme CAN be impacted by quantum mechanics and is observed through the proper lens, then maybe the behavioral response could result in moving the goal post for Point B.

In summary, I’m proposing that while nature is deterministic (as most scientists have all but concluded), we may yet have the capacity to override our programming through quantum “hacking”, an ability acquirable only through a higher understanding and application of the self, of consciousness. And perhaps that is precisely why nature had us create restrictive artificial structures (economies, religions, or even concepts as abstract and fictional as time) to combat our growing special intelligence.

There’s never really been any Good vs. Evil or Light vs. Dark or Ying vs. Yang… it’s all about Nature versus Consciousness, bitches!


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