In Defense of Louie: No, That WASN’T Attempted Rape!

For those that don’t watch ‘Louie’ (shame on you), go watch it before reading further because I won’t be providing a recap. This is essentially my response to to Anita Li and those that agree with her. She wrote the following:

‘Louie’ Episodes 9 and 10 Recap: Yes, That Was Attempted Rape

Okay, I’ll get right into it. 

Louie never tried to rape Pamela. He was undoubtedly over-aggressive and even creepy in Part-1 during his attempts to get her to stay at his apartment. But STAY, not RAPE. Of course he *wanted* to sleep with her, as he did express as much, but it’s an absurdist notion on behalf of the over-sensitive, overly-PC, overly-dramatic online community that Louie would ever actually rape Pamela, or anyone for that matter. It’s entirely inconsistent with his character as any regular viewer would know by now.  

How it Started

On the other side of the coin, male viewers could also be outraged at Pamela in Part for being such a purposeful tease and acting bitchy when Louie dared to call her on it, or for selling off Louie’s furniture without his permission (I’d certainly be furious if my new girlfriend thought it was “cool” to just sell all my stuff on a whim), but they’re not. Why? Because it was obvious that she meant well. 

She didn’t mean any harm and neither did Louie. He was too physically aggressive and she was too emotionally manipulative. But hey, after all that they wind up taking a bath together and talking about their first kiss. See??

…and how it ended.

What these episodes explored was one man’s ability to see the affection that a woman had for him, her denial or otherwise avoidance of those feelings, and his at-times-uncomfortable-to-watch-and-sometimes-misguided efforts at bringing those emotions to the surface. A man’s aggressive pursuit of a woman isn’t always pretty, but this depiction was ultimately malignant and genuine, and arguably even necessary for both characters to obtain what they mutually desired.
These episodes shined a light on the early stages of a believably awkward relationship. It wasn’t the idealistic fantasy that “I’m a princess!”-type women envision and maybe that’s what triggered such fervor. It was refreshingly real. But one dose of crushing reality and suddenly the most affable character on television is suddenly an attempted rapist…?

Methinks (some of) you ladies doth protest too much. 


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