Fucktard Goes To Trial

Man, only in my family does testifying against a relative… a relative that blatantly assaulted and harassed a woman and attempted to do even worse, expressed zero remorse, is clinically diagnosed with psychosis, and professed the intention to continue harassing her… that last part being especially key in my decision to be a witness… make ME the bad guy.

I blogged about this incident before not too many posts back. Feel free to catch up first if you need to before proceeding HERE.

– – –

Anyway, his trial is coming up in a couple weeks because Fucktard refused a plea deal that included a year of probation and mandatory counseling. Pretty damn generous, I’d say. Now he is very likely to face jail time because he’s too stubborn to be humble and the family would rather condemn me than acknowledge that anyone besides the designated black sheep (yours truly) is capable of being flawed. That’s the good old-fashioned Catholic self-righteousness for ya!

The other day I messaged him, his brother, and his parents to implore that he take the deal. I’ve dealt with legal troubles before and am familiar with how this will all go down. Courts hate spending money on a trial, especially one as cut and dry as this one and with such a fair plea bargain being rejected, so if found guilty (he will be) he is all but guaranteed to receive some time. Maybe he’ll luck out and get only 90 days, but being that he’s in college right now and has a job that time away could truly fuck up his life. I predict 6-12 months.

After contacting him and his family I’m doing my best to tell myself now that I should step away from the situation. I need to let it just play out and not let them fuck with my head. HE screwed up, HE abused his ex-girlfriend, and I did the right thing by potentially saving the poor girl’s life. Yeah, I’m getting major shit for it… but it was worth it. The right thing is always worth it. And that’s what I have to keep telling myself.

But tonight his family did something unexpected… Fucktard’s older brother actually reached out to me. And confirmed everything I’d assumed to be true in the process. Bad move, cuz.

I now know that the family indeed believes that I am “just getting them back”. They believe me to be a “vindictive ass” and nothing more. They truly believe Fucktard is innocent and that I just want to “start trouble”. His basis for this was that I had previously sued my father in small claims for stealing half the profit from the sale of my car. This was back in 2013. I had attempted to settle out of court for months but my father refused to listen to reason. At small claims my mother lied under oath, claiming I had willingly given the money to my father. It didn’t help that I was (at the time) fresh off my own legal troubles (part of which was earned, part of which was not) and on probation, both unrelated factors that my father made a point to bring up. Of course.

Naturally I lost the small claims case.

So apparently that’s the basis for Fucktard’s defense… to paint me, a key witness, as someone that has a pattern of pursuing frivolous legal actions against the family. Except, of course, it wasn’t frivolous. And it wasn’t part of a pattern, but rather a single isolated incident that is completely unrelated to Fucktard’s present predicament.

His brother also slipped up by mentioning that Fucktard has “attorneys”. Plural. Which means his father, my Uncle…


… must have forked over quite a sum for Fucktard’s defense. If Fucktard were so obviously and clearly innocent then why hire multiple attorneys? That alone doesn’t prove Fucktard is guilty, of course, but it does give good reason to think something fishy is going on.

Amusingly and surprisingly, Fucktard’s brother mentioned that they WANT me to testify at the upcoming trial! Why would the defense want to push a witness that supports the offense to speak? Psh, I might not have faith in God but I do trust the words of Admiral Ackbar.


My family has a pattern of deflecting blame and/or sweeping things under the rug and I suspect they’ll come after ME if I show up to testify. How? I have a few theories but all are too speculative to really entertain. Although if they want me there it stands to reason that they think I’d be somehow helpful to Fucktard’s defense. Perhaps destroy my character as a means of establishing reasonable doubt? Heh. They think they’re soooo clever…

What I do know for certain is that Fucktard has the majority of the family behind him, none of whom actually care about him because, if they did, they would have convinced him to accept the ridiculously generous plea bargain in the first place.

And I’m curious what the plan is for the other two witnesses when they take the stand to testify to Fucktard’s pattern of abuse, including events that I wasn’t even a part of. What will they say then…?

The truth will be known. If our legal system isn’t completely fucked, justice will by all rights be served in the end. And hopefully my cousin will get the overdue mental health treatment he needs and become a stronger person as a result. And maybe the rest of his family will even wake the fuck up in the process.

Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?


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