The Big Picture Show

I became more conscious today of another common default of our American-cultural programming… the almost need, not want, to see movies at the theater. If we haven’t been to one in awhile it’s almost weird or tragic, right? Sometimes it’s even borderline embarrassing. Oh, you haven’t seen ____ yet? It becomes this overdue activity, something to add to the list of things we need to get to. But why? Why MUST we see a film on a ridiculously large screen when in a few months it’ll be readily available on a smaller screen, maybe even on Netflix for free? It’s worth it for unique event movies perhaps (ex/ Interstellar), but other than rarities like those are movies really any better because of the screen size? Same directing, same writing, same performances… a good movie is a good movie regardless of the venue. Cheaper snacks at home, greater comfort and convenience all around… so why do go to the movies?

Granted, I’m asking this after having just seen Avengers: Age of Ultron this morning and Ex Machina, which was much better, last week… but I digress.


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