Love is Love

It’s been very satisfying to read reactions to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage this morning, reactions that were largely celebratory because even the bigots have begun to recognize the futility of hate. I came across one bigoted tirade that I feel deserves a public rebuttal. Normally I can look past such rants, but this one stood out to me. Why? Because not only is this bigot only in her early 20’s and living in Los Angeles, but she went to fuckin’ art school! It takes a very special degree of shamelessness for such a person to publicly condemn equal marriage rights.

But then I saw that she was religious and it was obvious then how she managed to so deeply distance herself from reality. (Stay away from religion, folks. It’s bad for ya).

Anyway, I was going to copy/paste her bigoted post and then fire back my thoughts in my usual “rational rebuttal sprinkled with passionate profanity” style, but I didn’t want to make you read her entire tirade straight through. Hell, when I first read it I had to smoke a bowl just to calm down enough to stop shaking. This might seem a little extreme, but my close-cousin and very dear friend killed himself in 2009, due largely to the discrimination he faced for being homosexual. He was only 19. So no, I don’t have a whole lot of patience for hateful, homophobic people.

So instead I weaved my responses and commentary directly into her post. It makes for a more tolerable read for you and a more satisfying method of venting for me. My responses are all in bold text.

Here we go…

Woke up today and saw this all over my Instagram activity feed. My first thought was to keep quiet and let people celebrate or whatever. Good idea. I am a new Christian Oh, here we go… and I was worried that people would think I’m judging and hating You’re about to do exactly that, aren’t you? so I better not say anything. Good instinct. But this is a big deal Yep, a big issue Yep, gay marriage is legal in ALL 50 states of America?!? YEP 🙂 That isn’t a reason to celebrate. Wait… what? What kind of example are we setting for future generations??? That discrimination under the law is never justified, that love conquers all, that we all deserve equal rights, that progress is still attainable if you NEVER give up… Never had a strong opinion about this until now. So you expect me to believe you woke up this morning and suddenly decided you hate homosexuals? Yeah, okay.

Just look at some hashtags. You’re going to start your anti-gay argument with… hashtags. Full of selfishness Selfish and pride. Says the chick that presumes to lecture the rest of us.
‪#‎lovewins‬ If this was about love, who cares who had the victory. This is a bad start, lady. It says LOVE wins, not HOMOSEXUALS win. It’s not about who, it’s about what. Today is a victory for ALL of us!
‪#‎lovecantwait‬ Yes, it can. Love is patient. This ruling only came after decades of peaceful protesting for equal treatment under the law. People died for this day to come and it is precisely because of this patience that victory has come about. 
‪#‎happypride‬ You’re not going to achieve anything in love by pride, love is all about sacrifice. Watch the movie “Milk” with Sean Penn. Homosexuals know way more about sacrifice than you, a pretty white girl with a college degree, ever could. The perfect example is when Jesus sacrificed himself for us because He loved us. If Jesus loved us… ALL of us… then wouldn’t he be in support of equal rights? How about you sacrifice your bigotry for the good of society since you are so clearly on the wrong side of history, especially for your generation? Eh? How about THAT? 

You were NOT born this way. Essentially the entire scientific community has concluded that it is genetic. I know you hate science, but homosexuality also exists within thousands of other species besides humans. So either you’re an idiot or woefully ignorant. Pick one and fix it. God didn’t intent (intend*) for you to be born this way. According to who? You? Maybe it’s a culture, family, or dramatic event or something else that brought to this “diversity” Objection! Speculation, your Honor! and made you think it was ok BECAUSE IT IS and you have a right to be this way IT’S NOT A CHOICE but it is definitely not “normal” Neither is being a religious radical AFTER attending art school, emerging as a person who hates on homosexuals while hypocritically claiming to be a follower of Jesus fucking Christ and shouldn’t be considered that by our kids and future humanity. Too late. #‎sorrynotsorry‬ Wait, that sounds like… prideful arrogance? Didn’t you just condemn pride? Fucking idiot #‎thisvoiceshouldbeheard‬ If you had any factual basis for your argument whatsoever, sure. Too bad for you that you don’t.

Well, I feel better.

I’ll let Harvey Milk have the last word:


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