“Best Buy” Should Be Renamed “Shit Bags”

I’ve been boycotting Walmart (the largest corporate monster and greatest cause of the destruction of small business), McDonald’s (another evil corporation that treats employees like shit AND poisons billions of people through deceptive advertising without batting an eye), Hobby Lobby (anti-woman business that lobbies Congress for anti-choice laws), Chick-fil-A (run by “Christians” that very openly condemn and lobby against equal rights for homosexuals), and as of today I am adding Best Buy to the list. And for the first time it will NOT be out of moral outrage, but because they just suck that badly.

Your future, Best Buy. Your future.

It took me SEVEN HOURS and THREE DAYS just to purchase a MacBook Pro and an iPhone 6 from them. Between customer service giving me the run-around and hanging up on me five times, to them telling me I had to come to the store to activate it then telling me that they couldn’t after I got there and trying instead to push the “Verizon EDGE” plan on me, to over-charging over $600 to my credit card (and having to fight to have the 10% off coupon honored because your employees can’t fucking read well enough to acknowledge a perfectly valid coupon (still fighting, btw))… I AM DONE. Best Buy… it’s fucking over. It would take major amends to bring me back into the fold. Major. And you clearly hate your customers so I won’t hold my breathe.

I’ll be making it a personal mission to convince at least 10 people to also boycott your shitty business. And then they’ll each talk to a few people. And so on. When you treat ONE customer like shit, you lose MORE than one customer. Someday when you’re posting your “Liquidation” signs as you close up shop for good, maybe it’ll dawn on you fuckers that if you had just been civil to your customers you might still have a viable business… instead of nothing. And in your void parking lot in Burbank, you will find me smiling in a lawn chair, raising a cold IPA to celebrate your demise. Fuck you, Best Buy. You have customer service comparable to Time Warner, filled with illiterates and non-thinkers. Except you don’t just annoy the shit out of people, you massively fuck them financially too. And as such, you’ll be hearing from me. (They know my name over at Time Warner… and you’ll soon know mine).

It shouldn’t be this hard to buy a product from a store. It just shouldn’t. 
Note that “Cayla” in customer service was the only employee at BB that actually did her job. Make her the new CEO and you might have a chance.

All of this being said, I did get a helluva deal in the end. Once they fix the coupon and undo the overcharge, I’ll have gotten $400 in discounts. But FUCK was it an unnecessary fight… and it’s still not over yet.

And fuck yo Geek Squad, too.


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