The War on Reason


So the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee is focusing on Planned Parenthood today, listening to testimonies with the intention to (I presume) find grounds for defunding PP. I find several things interesting about this.

1) Only 6 of the 39 members are women. Once again, men are trying to limit the medical options of women. What a surprise!

2) There is already a ban on taxpayer funding for abortions. Federal dollars that go to PP only cover contraception, birth control, STD checks, etc. So really the topic of abortion shouldn’t be on the itinerary of a judiciary committee since there aren’t any funds involved.

3) Those non-federally funded abortions that conservatives bitch about…? That’s only 3% of what PP actually does. That other 97% is inarguably vital to the health and safety of low-income Americans who otherwise have nowhere to turn for medical care… and these idiots want to gut the program entirely?

Over the 3% that isn’t even federally funded anyway?

House Judiciary Committee, Wasting Time

And they might shutdown the government over this shit, costing taxpayers billions? And they call themselves fiscal conservatives?? 

Are these hypocritical, patriarchal fuck heads intentionally assholes or are they victims of their own stupidity? I really would like to know. Because if Republicans want to win elections they really just cannot keep offending women like this. Since they have nothing to gain in attacking them aside from maybe a pat on the back from their extremist base (which is only roughly a quarter of conservatives) I tend to believe that they really are just that dumb. They could betray the extremists (25%) on one of many issues or offend 50% of their voting base on an issue that completely alienates them. It’s pretty basic math, so I tend to think that they must truly be moronic. It certainly would explain why Donald Trump is now the frontrunner for the Party.

This is why the rest of the world both laughs at us and fears us. I think they should laugh less and fear more because the patients are essentially running the asylum at this point. It might be a fun trainwreck to watch in the short-term, but make no mistake. The war on women, and reason itself, is very much real.

Just take a few recent quotes from some of the current Republican candidates:

  • Lindsey Graham: I will unilaterally execute any American who I believe is thinking about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL.
  • Rand Paul: There is a secret plot to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada.
  • Jeb Bush: We have to phase out Medicare.
  • Rick Perry: Being homosexual is just like being an alcoholic
  • Ben Carson: Homosexuality is a choice because people go into prison straight and come out gay.
  • Mike Huckabee: Democrats want women to believe “they can’t control their libido”.
  • Rick Santorum: Women should not be allowed to serve in combat because of “the emotions that are involved”
  • Ted Cruz: Every United States senator should be just like notorious racist Jesse Helms.
  • Marco Rubio: Humans aren’t responsible for climate change.

I mean, come on… the sad part is, these are the best Presidential nominees the Republican Party could come up with! Can you imagine what kind of anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-peace, anti-facts asshole they’d churn up if they weren’t trying? I digress that there is some solace… because a Democratic President is all but assured in 2016. The question now really should be whether it will be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

For those on the fence, let me make this real easy for you. Assuming you do recognize the importance of following the money, this should prove rather convincing:


This isn’t the last time I’ll be saying it: If you want a President that actually cares and isn’t beholden to corporations, Bernie Sanders is THE only option we have. #Bernie2016



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