Huntington Beach High School Administrators Suck Big, Hairy, Sweaty Balls

Okay, this is infuriating so I’m going to offer my two-cents and hopefully calm down.

To recap, a bully attacked a partially-blind kid at Huntington Beach High School. Another student intervened, punching the bully (once!) and making sure the kid was okay. The result? The bully was arrested and charged with assault. As someone who was assaulted by bullies numerous times in the 9th grade, even I think this shouldn’t have resulted in police involvement. These ARE still just kids, after all. The bully should have been suspended internally for one week, then have a school assembly in which the bully and victim shook hands on stage after the bully publicly apologizes for his actions. THAT is how you really resolve this. Make the bully experience genuine shame and the lesson would be remembered.

But that’s not what has me upset, of course, because… well, fuck bullies, right?

See, nobody ever defended me in highschool (believe it or not, I was once a short scrawny kid) when a senior (Mark Kent… fuck you, Mark Kent!) held me up by my throat and tried to crack my freshman head open by slamming it repeatedly into a locker. Or when a student (name?) pointed a can of hairspray at me with a lighter lit in front of it, threatening to “burn me alive” and laughed that “the cops could watch”. Or when a classmate (Greg Page… fuck you, Greg Page!) went out of his way to deck me during floor hockey, breaking my front tooth and causing a nosebleed and bloodied lip. No justice came of these incidents. But THIS victim… this poor blind kid… was lucky. He did have a savior! But because of the school’s “no tolerance” rules for violence, the hero has since been suspended and kicked off the football team!

Yes, you read correctly.

FUCK this PC culture we’re living in. And FUCK those school administrators for discouraging other would-be heroes from stepping up and defending those that cannot defend themselves. This is obscene. “No tolerance”, they say? More like “no shame”. And sadly, it’s also “no surprise”.

Help get the good guy back in school and back on the team.
Sign the Petition Here! 


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