Expanding/Losing My Mind

I’m a huge proponent of expanding ones mind. Whether that be through meditation, studying quantum physics, smoking weed, or responsibly tripping on a psychedelic… or in my case, all of the above… it can quickly become overwhelming for a single brain to handle.

See, the more I’ve become cosmically aware the more I’ve come to conclude that life is a joke. That might sound like a bad thing, but it depends on how you look at it. Jokes are funny right? They help make light of serious situations. For me, it’s beneficial to not take life too seriously. But at the same time, it’s difficult to suppress the objective truth that life doesn’t have meaning. That’s simply a fact, folks. Anyone that thinks their life is in any way significant in the big cosmic picture is fooling themselves. We’re all specks on a grain of sand in an endless (is it endless?) universe. But hey, some people need that comfort of self importance to get through the day. That’s why organized religion exists, so people can have a support group that reinforces their delusions as a larger collective. It’s why conservatives flock to Fox News and liberals flock to MSNBC. If you surround yourself with enough like-minded individuals, if you feel that you are accepted, then you in turn feel vindicated.

And that’s the curse of being an outlier. What do I mean by outlier?

An outlier tends to be someone on the fringe and ergo often labelled a radical. Sometimes this is true. In my case, and granted I’m handicapped by personal bias, but I feel I’m just a person that embraces a level of common sense that isn’t quite common…. yet.

Take for example our drug laws. Anyone that thinks a drug should be illegal baffles the fuck out of me. We have countries that have already legalized or decriminalized all drugs, including Portugal about 15 years ago, and the results are clear. Less people using, less crime, less overdosing, and more people voluntarily checking into rehab without fear of prosecution. If America did the same, the drug cartels would be out of business. No drug cartel means less guns being funneled into our country and less gang violence as a result of a drug deal gone wrong. We claim to have a “War on Drugs”, but what America has actually done is exacerbate the problem. Prohibition of alcohol was a disaster that led to the rise of black market unregulated dealings and dangerously violent leaders like the infamous Al Capone. So not only have other countries, such as Portugal, proven our drug policies to be misguided but our own American history supports the same notion! It’s indisputable! Do I think people should use heroin? Fuck no! Would I ever try it? Fuck no! But do I think a person should be able to order it at a local CVS? Absolutely.

That position evokes one of two responses in people. The majority tend to be taken aback. “Are you crazy? Why on Earth…!!” But when challenged to explain their opposition, people tend to resort to fear-based tactics that are simply non-sensical. It’s dangerous! It’s horrible! People would go crazy! Blah blah blah. But tell me this… is it crazier than keeping it illegal? Case in point, the Mexican cartels primarily made their money off selling weed on the black market. Since more and more states in the U.S. have been legalizing it, the cartels have given up on the market entirely. And what’s on the rise now? Heroin. So how do stop that? Gee, I wonder.

This is just one of many issues where the solution appears painfully obvious once the facts are known, but not to most people since most people don’t make the effort to do the research. Granted, this is largely because we no longer have a truly objective, informative news organization left to shed light on such issues. News is less focused on elevating American consciousness and more focused on tweets, the number of Facebook likes, and general entertainment value. It’s become nearly all style and little substance. Now it’s up to individuals to crack open a book or search Google to answer modern day questions. But sadly, many would sooner keep up with the Kardashians than the events that mold and change our society.

Jon Stewart tried for 16 years to illustrate this point, to move the goal posts of expectation further. But as we know, he left The Daily Show because the lack of results became too upsetting and too depressing for him to handle. I feel like I’m in a similar boat (though I certainly would not equate myself to his level of genius), except I don’t have a larger number of viewers and I’m not getting paid a dime for my insights. I also don’t have the option of retiring because I’m just too curious a person by default to lessen any interests and fascinations and genuine concern for the future of our species.

Why don’t more people care about these things? Over half of all salt-water species have died off in just the past few decades due to human activity. We’re technically in the midst of a major mass extinction event but you’d hardly ever know it if the media continues to have it’s way. Instead we’re worried about ISIS beheading a handful of news reporters while our buddies in Saudi Arabia are beheading far greater numbers of people for petty offenses like “being homosexual”… but CNN isn’t talking about that. Or Fox News. Or MSNBC. Why? Because the wealthy elites don’t want their political puppets in Congress to go off-script.

Sometimes I think, “to hell with this world!” and wish to remove myself from it. Other times I’ve motivated to inform and spread what I perceive to be truly vital information. But as a convicted felon that has been to state prison and had a 72-hour hold in a mental institution for attempting suicide, I feel increasingly dismissed and disregarded.

I don’t claim to be a revolutionary figure. I’m not an Elon Musk figure with vast resources to change the world. Maybe it’s arrogant to say, but I truly believe I possess a level of wisdom that is a bit ahead of the times. I’ve had a wider spectrum of experience And I feel it’s okay to say this because I rarely tout opinion, but rather facts with the data and research and history to support my positions.

Religion, science, politics… this shit matters! And more enlightened people need to be outspoken about said shit so those that are already on the front-lines of reason won’t be so easily shot down.


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