Gun Control: Shots Fired!

It’s being floated that President Obama may be issuing an executive order in the near future that mandates background checks for more, but still not all, gun sales. I’d say it’s well overdue if anything and absolutely necessary since Congress has refused to touch the issue. The initial Republican response, as vocalized by Tom DeLay (former House Speaker)? Impeachment.

Are you fucking kidding me?? 

The mere possibility that Obama may issue such an order and the Republicans are already starting to chatter about impeachment proceedings? Are Conservatives really that desperate? Here’s an alternative, Congress:

DO YOUR JOB and propose gun control measures of your own for a country that now has more guns than citizens and more mass shootings per year than there are goddamn days. Propose a plan, pass it, implement it. Inaction at this point is equatable to murder and any Congressman opposed to reform should be tried for fucking treason.

Oh, I’m fired up… yeah, buddy!…

Republican front-runner Ben Carson recently compared women seeking abortions to slave-owners mistreating their slaves. He specified that he is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape or incest. Once again, that’s the Republican front-runner and neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.

Be very afraid.


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