False Praise

There’s this story going viral about some black dude (Steven Hildreth, Jr.) that was carrying a couple guns, recently pulled over in Arizona. He cooperated with the police and nobody was shot and everyone drove away from the encounter. Hildreth wrote in his post:
“I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities. Maybe…just maybe…that notion is bunk.”

The web is blowing up with praise for all parties involved… and who are these worshippers? White people. So of COURSE they’re going to loooooove this “feel-good” story. But they’re making this out to be way more positive than it is. Let’s set the mood to some appropriate music before I continue with the ranting portion of this post…

For one, the black guy was military. Military… cops… it’s the same brotherhood. Ask any serviceman as they tend to be more honest than cops and he/she will tell you the same. So think of this situation as an armed cop pulling over an armed cop and no cop got shot. Was a peaceful outcome really so unexpected? 

Second, why is a cop being praised for DOING HIS JOB especially since we, as taxpayers, provide the paychecks for said cop? And keep in mind this cop didn’t save a kitten or anything. He didn’t actually do anything… and that’s my point. He’s being praised for nothing. He’s being praised simply for NOT shooting a peaceful, cooperative, and legally-armed black dude during a basic traffic stop. “Oooo! Let’s thank the cop for not being a murderer!” Is that really the new standard? If a cop doesn’t kill someone then that cop is automatically super fantastic amazing?

This hero worship of law enforcement, especially by white people, really needs to stop. They’ve killed 986 American citizens this year alone, folks. By end of year, that will easily top 1,000. In 2014 it was 1,108. In 2013 it was 768. Compare that to the number of people killed by cops in Iceland in the past 70 years… ONE. Even with the population difference, America is fucking embarrassing.

So let’s hold our applause until we have real, comprehensive law enforcement reform instead of clapping for every little thing a cop doesn’t manage to fuck up. Raise the bar, folks. And never forget that our tax dollars pay their salaries. As their boss, we have every right to expect more. And if they can’t meet our standards, they should be fired.

– – –

And no, I would never use a hashtag for “Blue Lives Matter” because “Blue” is not a fucking goddamn race. It would be a false equivalency. And neither is “All Lives Matter” appropriate due to the present context of blacks being disproportionately killed by the police. When unarmed white people start getting killed by cops and the cops don’t go to jail for it, don’t even get indicted for it… THEN I’d be happy to attend a rally with a sign that says “White Lives Matter”. But that’s not our current reality.
Police Killings in America vs. The World (The Guardian)
Recorded Deaths By Police Hands


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