Governor Kasich of Ohio Hates Ohio

Ohio just voted down a bill to legalize marijuana. Here’s their idiot Governor’s response:

“At a time when too many families are being torn apart by drug abuse, Ohioans said no to easy access to drugs and instead chose a path that helps strengthen our families and…” 

Oh shut the fuck up, John Kasich! 

Let me explain something to you, Governor. The vote wasn’t to legalize drugs. It was to legalize one drug. And a life-saving one at that with dozens of medical uses including the treatment of cancer. A drug that also happens to be less lethal than aspirin. Yes, aspirin. And that even when abused is still non-lethal. It can’t kill you. Yet you, Governor, publicly compared it to fucking heroin to scare people into voting against their own best interests. You abused your authority and lied to your people. Period. You know what that means? It means you’re an asshole, Governor.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich
Here’s a photo of this piece of shit so you can recognize who NOT to vote for… for anything… ever again.

There are children with severe epilepsy that have resumed normal lives because of marijuana in other states, so don’t act like this recent vote was pro-family either. That’s another lie. If anything, marijuana legalization would help families. In Colorado they made so much off the taxation of weed that they issued refunds to the people and are forecasted to add $40-50 million dollars toward education funding for 2015 alone. That’s gotta be good for families right? Gaining access to natural medicine has gotta be good for families, right? Less crime, as evidenced in Colorado as well, has gotta be good for families, right? Less mothers and fathers and daughters and sons and sisters and brothers wasting away in fucking prison cells because they dared to utilize a fucking PLANT… (gasps for air) has gotta be good for families!! Right??


I call bullshit on yo ass, Mr. Kasich. It isn’t fair that you’re the one bending over for Big Pharma but the people of your state are somehow the ones getting fucked.


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