Clinton’s Trump Card

I’ve had this theory brewing for awhile but now it’s really starting to feel like an idea stemming less from paranoia and more from connecting real dots.

I think I know what’s really going on with Donald Trump.

It’s been bothering me from that start how this blowhard could seriously be the frontrunner presidential candidate of a major political party in the United States. The vitriol this man spews is so toxic and just plain nasty, galvanizing the bigots and the moronic to shed their shame and step out as proud supporters of hate. But isn’t it a little odd that the mouthpiece is Trump? Say what you will about the guy, but those close to him have openly said that this isn’t the Donald they knew, that he appears to be playing a character role instead of being himself.

There is good reason to believe this based on the close ties between Trump and the Clintons. He doesn’t hate Hillary in the least, despite how often he attacks her. He’s donated over $100,000 to The Clinton Foundation. In 2005, Trump invited then-Senator Hillary Clinton to his wedding to model Melania Knauss. Bill Clinton joined for the reception. He’s donated to Hillary in 2002, 2005, 2006 and 2007. He donated $20,000 to the Democrats in 2006 versus $1,000 to the Republicans. It wasn’t until 2012 that Trump abruptly started donating exclusively to the Republican party.


All of the above has been widely reported. So does he sound like a true conservative Republican to you? If you follow the money, Trump is really a life-long Democrat that put in three years of posing as a Republican. But the media is only questioning Trump’s loyalty to the Party he’s currently aligned with. That is not the scandal.

It’s the indicator of a much bigger scandal, one that the media is either failing to address or is willingly a part of.

Just a few weeks before announcing his presidential campaign Donald Trump had several phone conversations with Bill Clinton. This has also been widely reported and confirmed by a Clinton aide, who added that politics weren’t discussed.

Really? Trump was in the middle of considering a run for office, he has former President Bill Clinton on the line… and politics weren’t discussed? And the media just accepted this to be true?

That couldn’t have anything to do with Time Warner… the world’s second largest media company in the world second only to Disney… being one of Hillary’s largest campaign donors… could it? Noooooo.

Hillary Clinton would be unlikely to run for office a third time were she to lose the 2016 nomination. So this is her last shot at being President, a final bookend to the Clinton legacy. Talk about the perfect finish, right? They under-estimated Obama in the 2008 election but aren’t taking chances now. Not this time.

The Clinton’s can’t rely on a campaign-locking endorsement from Obama or Biden and they know it. Obama selecting Biden for VP in 2008, which actually hurt his odds of winning the election even though he still ultimately won, was a major snub to Hillary. That’s why he gave her the Secretary of State position to avoid alienating the Clintons entirely. It was his olive branch, a merciful extension of their political relevancy. This was likely more self-serving than anything, as Obama certainly wanted to unite both his and Hillary’s supporters. Either way, a chess-playing politician like Obama surely knew all too well the importance of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

And then there’s Biden, who raised eyebrows when he praised Bernie Sanders while speaking at a Hillary campaign event:

Biden also condemned her when she labelled Republicans “the enemy” (Source). Then after Biden decided not to run he had an hour long private meeting with Bernie Sanders (Source). It’s far from an endorsement, but it looks likely the White House does favor Sanders.

The Clinton’s have enough foresight to prepare for this. Rather than grovel at the feet of the man that crushed them in 2008 they decided on a different strategy: Sabotage the rival party so severely that they become a distraction. The less attention there is on the Democratic nominees the less voters will learn how much better Bernie would serve the middle class and be less exposed to knowledge about how deep Hillary’s ties to Wall Street truly run.  

Which brings us back to that phone call between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump during which politics were definitely discussed. (Source)


Trump’s name isn’t a coincidence. He’s literally been the Clinton’s trump card hiding in plain sight, a trojan horse that’s destroying the Republican Party from the inside out. Granted, the GOP brand has been in decline for awhile now as they’ve become increasingly unhinged all on their own, but Trump came in and stepped on the gas. Like moths to the flame, many Republican candidates have amped up their radical platforms just to compete with Trump for headlines. And now that Trump is imploding entirely, the Republican Party is trying to dial it back and distance themselves from the black hole he’s leaving behind (appropriately formed after the death of a star), sucking in anything that dared to get too close to it’s initially blinding expansion. Too late!

With the Republican brand nearing decimation, more conservatives are and will continue to be reluctantly looking at the Democratic alternatives. With Martin O’Malley so behind in the polls, the most conservative option is overwhelmingly Hillary Clinton. That’s why she’s mirrored only some of Sander’s policies to siphon off a few progressive voters, but not enough to lose her conservative-leaning edge. Her victory depends on conservative support, not liberal voters.

That is why Donald Trump, a well-calculated time bomb, was dropped by Bill Clinton. It also explains why Trump seems hell-bent on sabotaging his own campaign at this point, paralleling Hitler with his anti-Muslim hate speech. He’s done his job and now needs an exit strategy to avoid becoming the actual nominee.

Trump needs to fade away before the Clinton plan to rig the election come to light or the plan will unravel. Amazingly, Trump continues to garner support despite his best efforts to the contrary and is likely to win the Iowa and/or New Hampshire primaries despite all odds. He did a great job at sabotaging the Republican Party but he’s struggling to do the same to his own campaign. Or perhaps he’s decided to just run with it and ditch the plan because he’s polling so much higher than anyone could have expected. Perhaps he’s even abandoning the plan and thinks he can actually take on Hillary! What a delightful disaster that would be…

However this ends, Bernie Sanders must be watching all this play out and loving every minute. It only further cements the likelihood that scandal-free Sanders will be the next President of the United States. (Source) #FeeltheBern #Bernie2016

Bernie Sanders Leads March Against Fast Track Trade
WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 20: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) participates in a “Don’t Trade Our Future” march organized by the group Campaign for America’s Future April 20, 2015 in Washington, DC. The event was part of the Populism 2015 Conference which is conducting their conference with the theme “Building a Movement for People and the Planet.” (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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