State of the Species

Obama mentioned a renewed effort toward curing cancer in his State of the Union address tonight. I’m all for extending the human life span, obviously, but if we want to talk about curing major illness we also need to include a serious discussion about population control.


If we start living longer lives and continue to reproduce at the rate we have been we’re going to wind up over-capacity. The Earth has a finite amount of space. Yes, there is a maximum occupancy and that number according to scientists is roughly 10 billion because that’s when food shortages become an issue. We’re at 7.4 million now. By 2100 it’s expected to near the 10 billion mark with some estimating numbers as high as 15 billion.

We need to stop debating issues like abortion and gay marriage (both are legal and don’t hurt you, so get the fuck over both). We need to stop thinking money is the key to a good life (fuck the corporatists). We need to stop thinking war will ever result in peace when the two couldn’t be more at odds (less bombing, more educating).

We need to focus on the BIG PICTURE items: Climate change (the threat of extinction), education (the foundation of everything), religiosity (the), and income inequality. Instead we seem to be getting lost in myopic battles. How the fuck can anyone really give a shit about stopping two people from marrying one another, or stopping a woman from making her own decisions over her own body, or jailing someone just for smoking medicine that grows out of the goddamn ground, or comparing the size of ones bank account when the very survival of the human race remains uncertain at best?

No, that’s not rhetorical.



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