Bernie Sanders to the Rescue!

Super Bernie

Okay, so he didn’t run out of a flaming building with a litter of kittens, but Christ Almighty does this demonstrate Bernie’s purity. In the middle of a speech someone fainted onstage, so he turns, says OMG, and runs right over while almost NOBODY else moved a muscle.

Check it out:

No, he didn’t give the guy a dramatic CPR rescue or anything, but the point is he showed zero hesitation. His first instinct was, truly, to help others. Jesus Christ, when was the last time we had a President like THAT in office? Probably Jimmy Carter, whose one-term ended in 1981. It’s no coincidence that the U.S. shift to oligarchy began in 1982 when Ronald Reagan took over, eh?

And it appears this isn’t the first time Bernie Sander’s helped out. In 2015 an MSNBC reporter, Andrea Mitchell, was nearly trampled by her own media peers. Sanders helped her to her feet, yelled for people to move back, made sure she was alright, then gave her all the time she needed to ask her questions before he gave any of the wolves his attention. I follow the news pretty closely and saw no mention of this at the time even though Bernie could have used it to boost his own campaign.

But that’s just not this humble man’s style. Awesome.




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