So You Say You Wanna Debate?

Oh, Hillary… so experienced yet still so naive.

As I wrote previously (RE: CNN Blatant Bias Against Bernie Sanders), Hillary thought she could repeat her previous scheme. Rig a debate JUST before a primary to get an edge over Sanders. Well, her previous attempt to do so only gave her a .2% lead in Iowa. If she’d been asked questions harder than “What President do you most admire?”… y’know, maybe a challenging question about actual policy… I bet you Bernie would have gotten more of a boost. But hey, the Clinton’s and the Cuomo’s are political buddies so the debate results weren’t overly unexpected. I just thought it would have been less transparently rigged, but the elites are getting sloppier these days.

Anyway, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the organization that decides how many debates will take place. They decided on only 6, while the Republicans decided on 12. Not only did the DNC opt for half as many, but they scheduled them at times when they knew people would be less likely to tune in. Right around a holiday, during the airing of a major sports event, etc.


Because the DNC wants Hillary Clinton in office, obviously. See, Hillary could run on name recognition alone. For better or worse (mostly for worse) everyone knows who Hillary Clinton is. Everybody. But Bernie Sanders…? Hardly anyone did. Hell, I’m a hardcore Elizabeth Warren-style Progressive and I frankly barely knew who Bernie Sanders until just a few years ago despite him being in one political office or another for decades.

Who would you vote for? Someone you knew or a complete a stranger? Even if you’re not crazy about the one you know at least you know what to expect, whereas a stranger would be a roll of the dice. It’s a fair point, and the DNC knew it. So the goal here was to shut out any potential challenger’s to a Clinton Presidency by keeping her competition as unknown as possible. Smart move. Dirty, but smart. Bernie picked up on it right away and wrote a letter to the DNC on June 1, 2015. In it he requested additional debates for the Democratic Primary. Read it for yourself HERE.

The DNC said no. Hillary was happy to abide by the 6 debate limit. Funny, when she ran for office in 2008 she participated in more than FOUR TIMES as many debates (26, to be precise). But that’s how people got to know Barack Obama who ultimately kicked her ass and won the nomination. She learned that an outsider with televised exposure can turn into a serious threat. This time around, she simply wasn’t taking chances.

“Pweez let me be President… pweezzzzzz… I’ll do anything!” (AP Photo/Steven Sene)
Well, Bernie caught up to Hillary in the polls anyway.

When that happened, Hillary suddenly shifted gears and requested MORE debates, the first being snuck in just before the Iowa primary because Bernie was starting to gain a small lead in a few of the polls. Great timing, right? And look what happened. She won Iowa (albeit barely with only a .2% advantage). But considering that Bernie had been polling at only 7% last February this was an incredible victory for his campaign.


But Hillary did technically win. So what did she do next? Well, in Whoville they say… she asked for another debate before the New Hampshire primary to repeat the same strategy. Sanders agreed but only if she’d agree to three additional debates. She did. Because now Bernie’s calling the shots, baby! The DNC of course was agreeable except this time Hillary couldn’t rely on having her buddy Chris Cuomo to moderate the debate. Anderson Cooper, an actual journalist, was up to bat.

And everything gloriously backfired.

  • Hillary was asked where she stood on the right for a person with terminal illness to end his/her own life with dignity. She said it was the first she’d ever been asked about it and refused to give a straight answer. “I have some thinking to do,” she said, meaning she needed to speak to her advisors and puppeteering elites for her marching orders because she has no principles of her own. It’s not like this issue hasn’t been talked about in the news lately. She had an answer deep down, but she needed to review the polling data before she said anything. It’s one thing for a politician to be a populist that respects majority opinion, but it’s better to be someone that has actual values for those times when the majority opinion is wrong.

    “What can I say? I have no soul.” 
  • She was also asked if she could guarantee that she wouldn’t further America’s self-appointed role as the world’s policeman. This was a softball question since Democrats typically run on a more anti-war platform than most Republicans. All she had to say was say we should invest in America’s middle class instead of continually investing in civil wars in the middle-east where our involvement has destabilized the region further and wasted taxpayer dollars. But she fucked even that up. “No, I can’t,” she answered, smiling. If she were a real progressive she’d be talking about toning down military involvement overseas. That’s the obvious moral answer but she just couldn’t do it. She’s always been a war-monger or a hawk as they say in politics, so why would she stop now?
  • Speaking of which, when asked specifically about her vote for the Iraq War Hillary said she only voted to authorize it so the Bush Administration could use that authority as leverage against Saddam Hussein. Wait… so she helped give President Cowboy, the highest ranking member of her opposing political party, the legal authority to bomb Saddam… a dictator that once years tried to kill President Cowboy’s daddy, lest we forget our history.. and she thought Junior wouldn’t use that authority?? What kind of excuse is that? You’re a fool, Hillary Clinton. An absolute fool. Bush can be blamed for many things, but not for your vote
  • Hillary had the balls to attack the Republicans for being corrupted by campaign donations from wealthy donors. While accurate, she said this despite the fact that 6 of her 10 largest donors are the Big Banks, she has a Super PAC, and she’s previously accepted millions from corporations herself!
  • When questioned about her opposition to a single-payer healthcare system, she accused Sanders of wanting to dismantle Obamacare and start over from scratch. This was misleading. Bernie, who helped create the healthcare bill, wants to evolve it by furthering the expansion of Medicare to cover everyone and in the process do away with the private insurance option altogether. He’s maintaining the same goal of universal healthcare, but in a way that is actually universal and even cheaper than our current path. Current projections show today’s system will cost $20 trillion over the next decade. Bernie’s plan is projected to cost $15 trillion AND covers the remaining 10% of people that still lack insurance. Google this shit, diehard Hillary lovers. These are facts.

See, that’s why Bernie Sanders has such a strong and growing advantage. No hypocrisy, no skeletons, no past or current scandals, no FBI investigations, no deceit, no fear of a challenge…

Good luck finding any of those qualities in Hillary Clinton.

“New Hampshire is mine, Hillary. Fuck off!” (Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images)

#FeeltheBern #OvertheHillary #Bernie2016 


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