Not-So-Sweet Home Alabama

Robert Bentley
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley delivers his State of the State address in the Historic Old House Chamber in the Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala., Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. (AP Photo/Jay Sailors)

Alabama’s Governor just signed a bill that retroactively bars any individual city within the state, which has the 6th highest rate of poverty in the country, from raising the minimum wage.

This restriction arose because Birmingham had the audacity to raise their minimum wage to (gasp!) $10.10 two days prior. It’s amazing that this was even an issue since, if wages kept up with inflation and worker productivity, the minimum wage should be $20-22/hr. As it stands, even the most ideal leaders like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are only fighting for $15/hr. Clinton is pushing even less at $12/hr. The Republicans are pushing for removing the minimum wage altogether. So Birmingham fighting and successfully passing just $10.10 and then having even THAT taken away…?

That’s some grade-A bullshit.

But before you feel too bad for the people there keep in mind that Alabama voters are largely part of the religious-right (84% Christian, after all) and therefore vote for conservative, batshit politicians that inevitably fuck them over. Also, the latest polls show Donald Trump leads the state with 36% support compared to 19% for Rubio and 12% for Cruz.

So, y’know… Alabama voters are getting exactly what they’ve voted for. The real tragedy is how truly ignorant they must be not to realize it.

More on this story here.


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