Twitter’s #WhichHillary Scandal And Other Tales

RE: Did Twitter’s Exec Censor #WhichHillary in advance of Key Primaries? Twitter users speak out

Real shit. Twitter totally did it. And it’s no coincidence that the current #NeverTrump trend is sweeping the globe on Twitter to cover it up. The ADD sheep are already forgetting what Twitter did, how deep the Clinton media bias runs. We should be seeing #WhichHillary trending on their lists, but we don’t. Instead it’s #NeverTrump. Suddenly it’s even a global phenomena!

What oddly good-timing, don’t you think? What a perfect distraction. Twitter removes #WhichHillary from the trending list, Twitter users start to get pissed when the censorship becomes known, and then #NeverTrump takes off. Mere hours later. Coincidence…?

HELL NO. Yes, I’m going to rant now.

Remember, Bill Clinton met with Trump just before he announced his candidacy and you KNOW election strategies were certainly discussed and deals were likely made. What’s my source? This wasn’t some tabloid headline, this was straight from The Washington fuckin Post! (LINK)

So Trump was the trojan horse planted by Bill to stir the Republicans into a frenzy, clearing the way for a Democrat. Primarily, that mission meant taking down Jeb Bush. The big donors were banking on the Bush Dynasty having a third leg. Well, the Clinton Dynasty won a round and got Jeb bumped out of the race. Not only that, the Republican Party itself has completely collapsed. BONUS!

Chris Christie was also likely part of the Hillary Coronation plan. Trump went over the big fish, Christie went for the silver medal Rubio (he was the back-up for the big donors, after all, if you follow the money which I always highly encourage).
Chris Christie delivered a major blow to Rubio…

… then Christie dropped out? What? After that? He had Rubio on the ropes! Why drop out?

Because he had done his job. Christie never wanted to be President. And what did he do right after dropping out? Endorses Donald Trump. Governor of New Jersey, “Obama-hugging” Chris Christie jumps behind Donald Trump of New York. Hillary was once Senator of New York. NY and NJ might have their beefs, but they butter the same bread. These mooks are all in cahoots, I tell ya!

(I only mentioned Obama because he’s unofficially but none-too-subtly endorsed Hillary, so… y’know. Odds are good he’s also in on all the Hillary Coronation. Connect the dots when the dots are close enough, folks.)

Which all means the election ALWAYS boiled down to Hillary vs. Other Democrats and the DNC was careful about her competition and controlling air time. Webb, a Democrat beloved by the NRA? Psh. Never had a chance. Chafee? A bumbling loon. Sanders? Cranky old socialist. O’Malley? Too generic. Biden? Potential threat, Obama likely told him to sit this one out.

But that old socialist that was dismissed sparked something and threw a monkey wrench into the big Clinton plan. Because Bernie Sanders was actually smart enough to keep his ears open and his mouth shut, biding his time. All those years in the Senate, you think he never got wind of the Clinton plan? You think he doesn’t know the game? But he played it cool until he got on that national stage and BOOM he blew up her spot. Her history and her record is getting clearer and clearer. #WhichHillary is the tag for her entire unravelling and TWITTER CENSORED IT. That’s how deep the Clinton money runs.

And you can see why, because it signals the black vote will absolutely abandon Hillary when her blatant racist rhetoric becomes widespread:

Super-predators? Bring them to heel? Don’t make me explain how she was comparing black youth to dogs. It’s obvious enough. Hence the Twitter censorship.

Anytime now, expect ol’ Elizabeth Warren to come back into focus  and endorse Bernie, siphoning away some of the female vote from Hillary in the process. There’s a damn good reason Warren didn’t run despite polling as the biggest threat to a Hillary nomination… she’s Bernie’s trump card. Which makes it huge since Hillary’s fallback line is, “Vote for me because I’m a woman!” If the strongest woman in Congress selects Bernie Sanders, well… the Clinton plan will also collapse. And thus the pendulum just might swing away from Oligarchy back toward Democracy under a Bernie Sanders Presidency.

But thanks for playing, Hillary.

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