Why Sanders Will Still Be President

Tonight was a rough one for Bernie, especially after the disappointment in NY, but don’t let the “Hillary wins 4 states, Sanders takes 1” headlines get you down. The talking heads keep saying she’s the inevitable nominee, but that’s because the media is FUCKED. One more time, folks… here’s a quick rundown of the Big Three and examples of their media bias. (Note that these are not even close to the only ties between Hillary and the major networks. For more on CNN’s bullshit, go HERE).

CNN: Time Warner Cable is a top donor to Hillary. Time Warner owns CNN. Anchor Chris Cuomo hosted several CNN debates. His brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY, has endorsed and campaigned for Hillary. ‘Nuff said.

MSNBC: Hillary has donated to Kathleen Matthews, who is running for Congress in Maryland. Who is she, you ask? Ever watch Hardball? Yeah, she’s Chris Matthews wife. Conflict of interest? Indirect bribe? Good arguments on both counts.

FOX NEWS: Ah, here’s the tricky one. See, Fox News hates Hillary Clinton. However, they hate Bernie Sanders even more because he polls better against every Republican candidates. So while Fox News doesn’t like Hillary in the least, they see her as the weaker candidate.

Because she is. 

Anyway, back to the primaries…  

The losses were predictable but not as terrible as expected. Sanders kicked ass in Rhode Island, the only state that allowed Independents the right to vote. He wins just about every state when they’re allowed to vote, actually, carrying Independents by a 60-70% margin on average. Isn’t that an interesting coincidence? When more people are allowed to vote, Sanders wins. Fancy that. If the election were truly Democratic he’d already have the nomination. Instead, it’s been rigged to exclude millions of registered voters in closed primaries, not to mention all the other examples of voter suppression and outright fraud taking place. 120,000 voters dropped from the Brooklyn registry in NY. Polling stations that opened at noon instead of in the early morning hours (most people vote on their way to work) and some stations that never even opened. Poll machines had even been found broken. Etc. And that was just NEW YORK. Every method of dirty politics is being used by the DNC to pave the way for Hillary’s Coronation

Hell, I was even personally marked as “inactive” for my voter status, for reasons unknown, and wasn’t notified! I just so happened to double check and it’s a good thing I did or I’d have been turned away at the voting booth. I had to call and bitch to get it fixed just so I could fucking vote in California primary in June. Insanity.

I reported it to the Justice Department because there was just no way I was the only one marked “inactive” by mistake (I’m not that special).

Here’s the email conversation: 

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.28.41 PM


This is really happening, people. 

So why am I still optimistic? Jesus, where do I start? Sanders is making major headway in CA, where 475 delegates are in play. Even without the Independent vote he’s trailing by only 2 points, 48 to 46. He’s expected to do well in a few other remaining states and is competitive in the rest except for, I believe, Kentucky. Because… Kentucky.
If Hillary does not secure enough delegates… and that’s the goal here, because Bernie cannot win enough delegates alone to clinch the nomination without a ridiculous win in California… then the super-delegates will decide the nominee.

I know, I know. Super-delegates are evil, they’re the establishment, they love Hillary, etc. While mostly true, the fact is they DON’T love Hillary. They pre-emptively selected her before the election even got underway, just like they did in 2008. That wasn’t a surprise due to her last name. But last I checked, Obama still smoked her ass in the end. Sure, she had a much stronger lead from the start this time around… but the super-delegates wait a looooooong ass time before they switch over. As you can see in the chart, superdelegates can take a dramatic shift and change an election:


Why would the superdelegates side with Sanders as they did Obama?

For one, Sanders is vastly more popular than Hillary. According to the Real Clear Politics average of multiple polls, Sanders has a nationwide favorability rating of 47.6% and an unfavorable rating of 42.3%. Hillary, by comparison, is favored by 40.2% and unfavored by 54.2%. That gives Sanders an overall net positive of 5.3%. Hillary has an overall net negative rating of 14%. Factoring in the net ratings, Bernie Sanders has a 19.3% lead over Hillary Clinton. In a Presidential election, winning by over 5% is considered a landslide. So, yeah… Sanders is vastly more popular with the people in terms of likeability. And super-delegates consider this because being liked is pretty damn important in a Presidential election.

Second, only Bernie Sanders has consistently defeated every Republican candidate in every poll. Hillary Clinton has not. While Kasich is extremely unlikely to secure the GOP nomination, he would defeat Clinton in the general election. The Republican with the least amount of delegates would defeat the Democrat with the most delegates. This is a huge sign of weakness on her part. This is a liability the superdelegates must consider if they take their job even remotely serious.


Third: Speaking of liability, did the entire media (except for Fox, of course) forget that Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation?? The former Clinton staffer that set-up her unsecure server has signed an immunity agreement and agreed to testify under oath (more on this HERE). Prosecutors don’t give immunity to people unless there is foul play involved. Ever. Clearly he must have dirt on Hillary and is willing to spill the beans. How MUCH dirt is the only question. Further, one of the Romanian hackers who accessed her unsecure server has been extradited from overseas for questioning (more on this HERE). Seems like a lot of effort for nothing, doesn’t it? Something’s up.

Finally, President Obama has been defending Hillary (since she was his Secretary of State when this scandal happened) but even he recently admitted that Hillary was “careless”. Considering what Hillary was doing involved classified emails being exchanged on an insecure server that she took it upon herself to arrange, potentially exposing state secrets, “careless” is criminal. Gross negligence, even if well-intended, is still a crime. And it further demonstrates her incompetence and ineligibility to be in the White House.

Will the super-delegates really risk siding with her in the end despite her massive unfavorability, liability against a non-Trump candidate, pending FBI indictment, and fading support from Obama? That’s a dangerous gamble. Imagine her running against Donald Trump and BOOM she gets indicted? Hello, President Trump!

If the DNC and the superdelegates really want to win the White House, if there is any intelligence or self-preservation left in the Democratic Party, they really shouldn’t be taking that kind of chance. Especially when they already have the silver bullet they need to win the 2016 election:




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