Bernie Endorsed Hildebeast… What’s Next?

Whew… okay. Breathe, Berners. Breathe.

I feel as disappointed, frustrated, angry, and even betrayed after seeing that sickening display. Yes, Bernie Sanders did officially endorse Hildebeast. It wasn’t a dream. But I wanted to hold off before posting my thoughts until I’d done more research and allowed the fury to ease.

The good news is this: After that horrible endorsement, Bernie had a conference call with his delegates.

CLARITY AND SANITY… from Bernie himself:

  • YES… he is taking it to the Convention
  • YES… he will be speaking at the Convention
  • YES… he intends to address the TPP at the Convention
  • NO… he is not suspending his campaign.
So why did he endorse?
I have my theories… including death threats… but from what I’ve gathered he has been given a slot to speak at the Convention by doing so. He also retains his superdelegate status and the 1900 delegates he earned will get a roll call vote at the Convention rather than surrendering them to Hildebeast (unlike when she gave hers up to Obama back in 2008) where he will fight on the floor to stop the TPP. By holding out on endorsing as long as he did he was able to significantly impact the DNC platform. He honestly believes Trump to be a greater threat, so he’s holding back his idealism and embracing practicality. He’s not betraying the movement.
What’s the problem?
It wasn’t practical to endorse because the DNC platform doesn’t mean shit since it’s not legally-binding and can be ignored. In reality, Hildebeast is on the ropes. Her poll numbers are dropping to dangerous levels, with Trump tying or outright winning in the key swing states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The slim lead she held is cracking fast. This is why Bernie shouldn’t have endorsed. When your political opponent is weak, especially one as dangerous and sociopathic as she is, you take her down. You don’t help her up. 

As much as the superdelegates are indeed bought and paid for, the Oligarchs can not ignore the math. If Hildebeast remains likely to lose they won’t risk nominating her. Nobody is quite clear what Trump would do since he flip-flops so often and if there’s one thing big-business types hate it’s instability. Uncertainty rocks the stock market, always. So I am convinced the elites that are pulling the strings do not want a Trump Presidency anymore than most Americans do. With Hildebeast the Oligarchs know what they’ll be getting. Whatever they want. But if she can’t win the general election, which appears to be the case, I would think they’d be bright enough to recognize that a predictable nominee, even one who isn’t fond of Wall Street, would at least be reliable, stable. That’s Bernie Sanders. And yes, he could still win the nomination when the superdelegates finally vote in two weeks.Anyone that accuses Bernie of being a traitor to the progressive cause isn’t paying attention. He has consistently fought for the middle-class for decades. He chained himself to a black woman to protest housing segregation and was subsequently arrested. He marched with MLK. He voted against the Iraq War. He supported gay rights before it was popular. Etc, etc.

Bernie Sanders didn’t just talk the talk.
We need to recognize that he had, has, and will continue to have the absolute best of intentions, even if his decision to endorse was misguided. He didn’t believe he could ultimately win at the Convention. Period. Rather than further alienate himself from the Democratic Party, which he believes can still be saved, he caved. If he’s guilty of anything it’s for lacking confidence in his own chances.And why wouldn’t he have doubts? He was fighting against the entire Establishment, Democrat and Republican alike, including the media arm of the elites that pushed the false narrative that he’s a radical socialist. Voter suppression was rampant this election cycle and always tilted in favor of Hildebeast without repercussions. In many ways it was a hopeless battle to wage in the first place. if we were still a legit Democracy, I’m confident he’d have locked in the nomination by a landslide. But we’re an Oligarchy now.

It’s easy to forget that he didn’t even want to run for office. He only wanted a progressive Democrat to step up against Hildebeast’s center-right militarism. Only when Elizabeth Warren refused to run did he reluctantly decide to challenge Clinton himself.

At the start of his campaign, Bernie polled at only 3% nationwide. Yet he fought anyway without changing his message rather than pander. He inspired us all to demand more of our government, winning over an incredible 45% of the country without accepting any corporate money. He received more campaign contributions from middle-class Americans than any politician in history. These efforts should rightly be commended.

So where do we go from here?
First and foremost, we must be patient. Let the Democratic Convention play out. If Hildebeast does officially secure the nomination against all reason, then Bernie Sanders is no longer someone to hope for.Fortunately there is still the Green Party which holds its Convention in August and will undoubtedly nominate Jill Stein. She’s offered Bernie Sanders front of the ticket but so far there are no reports that he’s even responded. But major Sanders-surrogate, Dr. Cornell West, has already formally endorsed her. Jill also just so happens to be in Burlington, Vermont today… let the speculation ensue! Bernie may yet join her, but it would not happen until after the Democratic Convention.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 1.57.29 PM.png

I encourage you to go to her website to learn more about her, but in a nutshell she essentially stands for everything Bernie stood for. In addition, she also wants to wipe out all student loan debt, end the drone program (which kills 90% civilians) and cut military spending by 50%. That last part might sound like a lot, but believe me… it isn’t. After the cuts we’d be spending 27% which would still be a significant chunk of the budget.


Scary, isn’t it? 54% on military, only 6% on things like Medicare and Education. And just look at that disgustingly small amount we spend on science and the environment… only 3% for each? Shit. If you want more budgets like the one above, vote for Hildebeast or Trump. If you don’t, do not feel obligated to pick the lesser evil.

Reject them both!
If you hate Trump, you don’t need to to vote for Hildebeast. If you hate Hildebeast, you don’t need to vote for Trump. A protest vote is asinine. It’s what the Establishment is hoping we’ll do, with their hopes pinned on Clinton. Instead, vote on principle and conviction for the only progressive left in this race. Go Green!


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