Why Hillary is STILL The Worst Candidate

The only reason I can conceive that a true liberal/progressive voter would ever support a neo-liberal like Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming fear of a Trump presidency. Unfortunately, that motive is hardly rational.

I’ve heard a few arguments from those that inexplicably side #WithHer and I’m going to do my best to explain a few of the best reasons NOT to vote for Hillary.

This is THE most defining issue of this election and also the one the media wants you to know the least about. It’s a complicated trade deal with a number of pros and cons, but there is a provision in it that stands above all else. It shifts regulatory control over corporations from the government to… corporations. What do you think will happen when the foxes are running the hen house? This is indisputably dangerous and it should be obvious to most. Regardless of which candidate you support you cannot tell me that this provision of the TPP would yield positive results. And did I mention that the provision would be permanent? There’s no expiration date on the TPP.

President Obama continues to argue that it unites us with the Pacific Rim nations that China would otherwise cut a deal with, simplifying it as a power-play move to maintain global trade competition. Does it help provide us with an edge over China? Yes, it does. But any power gained would just be deferred to the corporations. So how is it a victory? The President must know this, so I presume this is just Obama’s way of returning the favor to his Wall Street donors. (FACT: As of 2008 he set the record for receiving the largest amount of campaign contributions from Wall Street). As “cool” as Obama might seem on the surface, he is actively helping to orchestrate a dramatic shift of power away from government and into the hands of international corporations. It is inexcusable to give him a pass on this.

Where does Hillary Clinton stand on this issue? 

She originally peddled the deal for Obama, calling it “the gold standard” of trade deals. But after boisterous progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren rallied against the deal, she suddenly claimed to also be against it when she started her campaign. Her excuse was that she hadn’t read the details fully but, once she did, recognized it’s flaws. So yes, she now claims to oppose it. Aside from her history of lying to the public throughout her political career, how else can we be confident that she’d actually wind up supporting it? Because Bill Clinton supports it. Her VP choice Tim Kaine supports it. And her surrogates fought hard to keep any explicit-opposition to it out of DNC platform. Tack on that she’s received massive contributions from the very corporations that would benefit from the TPP and it’s pretty damn clear what she’d actually do as President.

And while I certainly do NOT encourage anyone to vote for Trump, it is worth noting that he is against the TPP. Hey, even a broken watch is right twice a day.

Wikileaks has brought countless scandals to light, but you don’t need to read them to be know how much of a warmonger Hillary is. You just need to look at her record. She supported authorization for the Iraq War “with conviction”, to quote her own words. She supported intervention in Libya (a decision Obama himself later admitted was the biggest regret of his Presidency). She supported intervention in Syria and continues to push for a no-fly zone. Were Russia to violate a no-fly zone, as we know they would since they’ve been flying fighters over Syria for months, it would be grounds for war.

Further, the Democratic Party has tried to deflect their collusion to nominate Hillary by falsely claiming that Wikileaks has been working for Putin. Instead of admitting that they’d committed textbook election fraud, they shifted the blame on Russia and stoked fears over foreign nations tampering with our election system. If that were really the case, why would the DNC fire several of it’s highest ranking members including Debbie Wasserman Schultz? The truth is obvious even if the media refuses to report it.

Hillary has also spoken about cyber-security, saying that hackers from other nations should be pursued the same as terrorists. She didn’t just stop at the implied threat against the Russians (for something they had nothing to do with) but went on to specifically mention Russia as being on a list of transgressors! This is dangerous talk.

I’m not going to say much more about this. If you don’t already know that the DNC and the media (who funded her campaign) colluded to edge out Bernie Sanders by decreasing the number of polling stations, reducing the number of debates, outright destroying ballots, requesting and receiving debate questions in advance, holding closed primaries to shut out independents, etc etc… then I don’t know what to tell you except to head over to www.Wikileaks.org. And yes, I know Bernie Sanders has endorsed her and encourages his supporters to join her. Whoop-dee-doo! STILL NOT AN ARGUMENT. I am not a follower of Bernie Sanders, I am a follower of his policies. As such, my vote belongs to Jill Stein.

President Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act that made it official US policy to support “regime change” in Iraq. This was in October 1998, which later helped pave the way for the Iraq War under President Bush (once 9-11 gave him the excuse to drum up enough support). Clinton also deregulated Wall Street, deregulated the Big Banks, increased poverty by 50%, increased mass incarceration… the Clinton years certainly weren’t anything remotely like previous Democratic Presidents. Instead, the Clintons borrowed from the Republican playbook and abandoned progressive politics. Thus neo-liberalism was born with the other side being neo-conservatism. Both ideologies are two-sides of the same corporate-loving, power-hungry coin. They are equally dangerous to the extreme.

Disgusted by all this? Want things to change? As Jill Stein has said, it starts with recognizing that you cannot fight a Revolution within the confines of a rigged system. Playing the game when the outcome is predetermined is a waste of time. Bernie Sanders losing the primary has been proof of that, though his attempt came closer to succeeding than any other in modern history.

The Democrats, along with their candidate, have demonstrated themselves to have zero respect for the democratic process and to be every bit as war-mongering as the Republicans. Remember, under Obama (a supposed progressive but ultimately a warhawk in disguise) has authorized drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya in addition to arming Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria. And to think that Obama is less of a warhawk than Hillary! Imagine what she’ll do…

Am I advocating a vote for Trump? Hell no. But gun to my head, I’d pick him over Hillary fucking Clinton in a nano-second. She has too many connections, too many ties, and too many political allies to ever be stopped by Congress and is corrupt to the goddamn core. She’ll absolutely succeed at pushing any bullshit legislation that the Oligarchs who control our government and media desire. She’s in their back pocket and we should all be horrified by the prospect. But Trump? He’s despised. Reviled. He won’t have cooperation from Congress, including the majority of Republicans, which would render him a stagnate President. The Democrats are also expected to control the Senate and would be able to block any of his more outrageous proposals (ie. mass deportations, building “the wall”, shitty Supreme Court nominees, etc). Trump has absurd policies, to be sure, but only a fool would believe that he’d ever be able to sign them into law. As far as foreign policy, our Generals have already made it clear that they will dismiss any outrageous orders.

Trump sucks, but won’t get anything done. Hillary sucks, but will get everything done. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a stagnate country than a downgraded country, the latter of which (mark my words) will happen under another Clinton Presidency.

Unfortunately, much of the public and has become so anti-Trump for all the wrong reasons that they’re willing to vote for Hildebeast instead. Trump is a deplorable human being with a shitload of scandals, make no mistake, but all of them are based on his personal life, not his political life.

Focusing on his politics alone, the things that actually reflect how he would govern, you’ll find that he has previously been a registered Democrat far longer than he’s been a Republican, opposed the Iraq War before Hillary did, supported gay marriage before Hillary did, opposed the dangerous TPP before Hillary did, seeks to repair relations with Russia instead of risking nuclear war… but hey, you won’t hear any news organization talk about his stances on these issues. Instead they’re solely focused on his character to manipulate the emotions of voters against him.

But Hillary has had a lengthy political history to examine that spans her time as First “Super-Predator” Lady, as a “Voted for Iraq” Senator, and as a “War-Mongering” Secretary of “Fracking” State. Is the media focusing on her political history? Or the Clinton Foundation kickbacks? Hardly. The last thing they want to talk about is how they, the media, donated to her campaign and helped rig the election for her. And for the sake of ratings they’re far too busy bitching about Trump degradingly using the word pussy in private conversation along with several (as of yet unproven) allegations of sexual assault… I mean, who has time to focus on the real issues when there’s so much juicy tabloid scandal to unravel, right?

The Oligarchs are trying to distract the American people from the Wikileaks revelations that expose Hillary for who she really is (an anti-democracy, anti-environment, war-mongering servant of Wall Street) in order to keep Trump from ruining their plans for the country that they’ve increasingly become owners of since 1981.

Just vote for Jill Stein, goddammit. She mirrors Bernie Sanders AND supports bailing out student loan debt and ending the use of drones. Policy-wise she’s an even stronger progressive choice than he was! And if she gets even 5% nationwide the Green Party will qualify for federal funding and become more competitive as a serious political party. Or hell, even vote for Gary Johnson if you must. Or even, dare I say it, fucking Trump. But FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please, PLEASE don’t be gullible enough to vote for Hillary Clinton. Dig deeper and it’s quickly apparent that anyone else on the ballot would be better than her.
And no, don’t bother writing-in Bernie Sanders. He’s not registered as a write-in candidate and your vote for him will literally be thrown in the trash. He’s by far my first choice for President too and if write-in’s counted I’d put his name down, but it’s sadly not possible for him to win this election unless Hillary somehow decides to drop out and he replaces her as the nominee.

A vote for HRC perpetuates a rigged system and propels the military-industrial complex and corporations into the stratosphere. Ergo, a vote for her is a vote against progressive change, against democracy itself, and ensures a foreign policy of continued bloodshed.

But if you think you can vote for her and still sleep at night, then feel free to play along with the regularly-scheduled program of America, Inc.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For those Hillary-supporters out there that remain unconvinced here’s a quick list of rebuttals I’ve heard and direct evidence that refutes them.

“But Hillary supported gay marriage!” Just the opposite, actually.

“At least she supports legalizing marijuana, right?” Nope. In fact, she thinks we need more research to even legalize medicinal marijuana.

“But she supports regulating Wall Street!” Wrong again. The Big Banks fund her campaign and she stated plainly in a primary debate that she opposes breaking up the banks. Her VP Tim Kaine even supports further deregulating Wall Street, which is hard to believe but true.

“She’s pro-choice!” True, though her Tim Kaine is puzzlingly against it.

“But she’s for universal health care!” No. She strongly opposes a single-payer system, having declared that it will “never, ever come to pass”. She supports expanding Obamacare, which means continuing a for-profit healthcare system rather than get rid of insurance companies. This does nothing to address affordability and is unsustainable.

“She’s great on climate change, though!” Not even close! She’s been one of the biggest global supporters of fracking. Her position is that fracking can somehow be safely regulated, except there is no such thing as safe fracking. It contributes to drought conditions, earthquakes, and poisons our water supply. She also has received campaign contributions from oil companies so don’t expect her to push for a move away from fossil fuels either.

“She said she’s against the TPP!” Didn’t I already cover this? She’s lying.

Any more rebuttals? Bring ’em on.



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