Are You Lost In The World Like Me

After a great deal of reading/researching, meditation, and effective doses of LSD, I find myself frequently at odds with reality. Am I enlightened? With room for improvement, but yes. I frequently feel in-tune with various energies, sense the larger abstract picture, dream of events that later unfold… but it’s all become almost too predictable. The masses, often so deeply plugged into the Matrix, feel largely inaccessible in terms of relatability. It’s as if I were running a race, then paused to turn around… and realized the rest, with rare exception, are no longer in sight. It’s alienating and consequently depressing to await the next rush of evolutionary development. Perhaps trying DMT will shake things up, because it’s difficult to reconcile the knowledge I possess with what I need to do to actually function and participate in the world. Yes, I know it’s a process. Right? A journey.

I just wish more people would wake up to the greater truths faster and reject the fictional confines that seek to control us. Religion. Race. Money. Laws. Borders. Labels. Sexuality. The powers-that-be…. politicians, clergy, law enforcement… are impeding unity and fostering conflict in order to widen the divides of a population to maintain control over those they’ve long since conquered. And it’s working. But there is an undeniable breaking point being broached. I sense an awakening is underfoot. When I speak of higher concepts I find more and more relating to what I describe; a shared understanding.

This assures me that those in power are inevitably doomed to lose control over time, but the longer it takes to happen the messier the transition is going to be for those that have been impeding progress. The starker the contrast between the controlling darkness and the prevailing light the easier it will be for humanity to advance in the proper direction. Change is happening, which is promising, but I feel as if the window for making the much-needed and overdue collective pivot is beginning to close.

And I feel powerless to stop it.


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