Don’t Be Buggin

It was inevitable for people to point fingers after such a bombshell of an election. Why did Trump win? Who can we target and demonize? I’ve got news for you. A witch-hunt isn’t the way forward and true progressives need to focus on what comes next. But there should be some level of reflection and humility. The reasons for him winning DO matter, but the blame game isn’t constructive.

Social media seems most hooked on the simplistic notion that Trump won because white people are racist, which is a dangerous generalization to make. While it’s true white racists that voted certainly supported Trump, the majority of his voter’s didn’t even like the guy. They just hated Hillary Clinton more. This was a repudiation of the Establishment, of Oligarchy, of “the system” that has continuously failed the middle-class for decades. This is the outcome I previously predicted.

I am not going to defend any voters motivated by race. Those voters do exist and I condemn them, but it is NOT fair to presume that this election ended horribly because a small minority of white people are racists. There’s plenty of blame to go around. This is the bigger reason, in my view, that Hillary lost:

Let’s not forget that white people were most enthusiastic for BERNIE SANDERS throughout the primary AND the general election. This was a man who was arrested for chaining himself to a black woman in a protest against housing segregation. A man who humbled himself and gave up his mic to Black Lives Matter protestors his mic so they could be heard. He spoke up for minorities even when it wasn’t politically popular and did so consistently for decades.

Yet what demographic did he most fail to win?

The black vote.

Instead they opted for the most corrupt, war-mongering, Establishment Democrat instead of the no-corporate strings anti-war populist. This happened even after video surfaced of Hillary calling black youths super predators, even after she dismissed a BLM activist, even after knowing she worked for the racist Goldwater campaign and even after the racial jabs she made against Obama in 2008. And let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s welfare reform and crime bills in the 90’s doubled nationwide poverty and rapidly increased incarceration rates, both of which disproportionately affected… wait for it… black males.

Yet Bernie overwhelmingly lost their vote?

By fifty points? FIFTY??

How could this happen? Why would such a large portion of the black community reject the candidate that best represented their interests? I’m sure it had nothing to do with the first BLACK President backing Hillary or because Bernie Sanders was an old WHITE man. Right? Or was it just because Hillary had hot sauce in her bag?

Yeah, racism played a role in this election. Sure. But let’s not pretend that whites (a small minority, I might add) were the only ones guilty of bias when a much larger majority of blacks inadvertently (but predictably) set the stage for Trump’s victory. And I only point this out not to blame black voters that didn’t see the light, that didn’t see what Killer Mike saw, but to illustrate the futility of condemning white voters as a whole.

Look in the mirror before you throw shade because pointing fingers with racial generalities isn’t going to help us progress. Divisive rhetoric is exactly what got us here in the first place. We don’t need more of that. We can’t afford more of that. Not now. Not ever. Now is the time for reflection, not deflection.

Let’s recognize what overarching element really brought us to this point: COLLECTIVE APATHY. But now we’re all in the hell together, aren’t we? Solidarity is a powerful tool for progress. I mean, apathy is off the table. Think about what that really means… to not even have that as an option anymore.

Whatever happens next, we’re truly in this together. Let’s not forget it.


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