Hypocritical Outrage

Many Americans are outraged by Trump’s border wall proposal, his significant conflicts of interest as both a business owner and President, and most recently heavily-criticized for supporting a restriction on free speech by criminalizing flag-burning. Hillary-supporters are wishing more and more that their candidate had won the election and imaging how things could be different.

These two shit stains have more in common than you might think.


Trump’s position on building the wall has been softened to the point that he is now willing to compromise with some (coughALLOFITcough) fencing instead. That is, according to his recent interview on 60 Minutes:

Despite all her talk about breaking down barriers and opposing Trump’s idea, here is Hillary speaking about the border in 2006 when she was Senator of New York:


Trump has proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure plan (up from $800 million proposed during the campaign) to stimulate job growth and repair roadways and bridges. The plan has been criticized for giving too many tax credits away to private construction companies, though it is indisputable that his plan would achieve the goal of creating more jobs.

It has also been criticized for not going far enough for the amount of repairs required. Economists say we need to spend $3.6 trillion by 2020 to adequately modernize our infrastructure.

If only Hillary had one… she’d have listened to the economists better. Right..?

Pundits are apparently having a field-day over Trump’s latest tweet about penalties for flag-burning:


This shouldn’t even be a story because the Supreme Court already ruled that burning the American flag falls under freedom of speech laws already in place. He can say whatever wants but the law is not going to change on this issue. I’m more worried about how many likes and re-tweets his comment got.

Trump is just trying to divert the focus from his mostly-shitty Cabinet appointments and the gullible media took the bait, as they always do. His position itself is still, of course, upsetting and wildly out of touch. But it’s not something to be worried about.

And where has Hillary stood on the subject?

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 12.39.35 PM.png
New York Times – June 28, 2006 (FULL ARTICLE)



Trump’s rhetoric has been grotesque and inexcusable, but since winning the election he’s dialed back and said he will primarily deport criminal illegal immigrants. He will continue to be attacked for being anti-immigrant due to his earlier comments, and he deserves that, but his post-election proposal has focused only on those that commit crimes.

Here’s Trump clarifying that 2-3 million criminal immigrants will be deported:

What a jerk, eh? Man, we’re sure going to miss immigrant-friendly Obama…
Oh, right. He’s deported more illegal immigrants than any President in American history. I must have forgotten because he’s such a “cool” guy.

Here’s Hillary on immigration throughout her career: 

And here’s Bill Clinton’s rhetoric on illegal immigrants back in the 90’s:

Feeling stupid yet, Hillary-supporters? Don’t. You’re learning now and that’s progress. Next election just PLEASE do your research ahead of time and vote for the better primary candidate. We cannot afford another fuck-up in 2020.


Of course, this is not to say we shouldn’t criticize and protest against Donald Trump on other issues. There are plenty of areas of real concern. His appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is especially worrisome as it threatens the entire budding (no pun intended) marijuana industry and could set back what few baby steps America has made toward ending the asinine War on Drugs. This is why we need to focus on the bigger systemic shit and ignore the smaller turds.

So get focused, Hillary-supporters. Wise up. Protest Trump’s policies when applicable, but disregard his bombastic rhetoric. Let that shit roll off your back. Remember that he says asshole things to keep the support of angry Americans, but his actions suggest… for the most part… that he’s aiming to be a populist President. He’s playing his own hardcore supporters for fools while he pushes a moderate agenda and they don’t even know it. Neither does his hardcore opposition it seems, which is entertaining. It will be interesting to see how (and if) this continues to play out.

Trump has proposed a 35% tax against companies that outsource American jobs while assuring a reduced corporate tax rate of 15% if they stay. I’m not crazy about lowering the rate, but if the loopholes are indeed closed, as he’s supported doing, then it’s actually a progressive step forward. Remember, massive companies like General Electric don’t currently pay any taxes at all. Take the victory.


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