When Peaceful Protesting Fails

If there’s one thing I cannot stand about the left, it’s the overly emotional, overly sensitive, politically-correct, namby-pamby bullshit that they’ve attached themselves to like tumors and then they refuse treatment. Yes, solving problems with non-violence is ideal. Marching, protesting, writing letters, divesting, boycotting, etc. are all effective tools for changing the system. But what happens when it isn’t enough?

Just look at the peaceful protesters in the #NoDAPL movement. Their camps are on fire, their people are being jailed, and the pipeline is set to start flowing with oil anyway any day now.

They failed.

When the economy becomes as rigged for the corporations as it has become, when the elections become so rigged that voting becomes all but inconsequential, when climate change is reaching a cataclysmic tipping point, when World War 3 is drawing closer, when law enforcement is already killing unarmed citizens without penalty, when a generation’s life expectancy drop lower than the previous for the first time in history, when Congress is actually debating whether or not to kill 32,000 Americans per year (by repealing Obamacare without a replacement), then YEAH. Peaceful movements won’t be enough.

Which is why I think it’s time to rethink the whole strategy for resistance. Is that really so radical? Can we have that discussion without giving you a tummy ache?

Should we still march and all that jazz? Yes. Solidarity is a vital affirmation to keep the resistance alive, connected, and encouraged. I am not suggesting an end to the non-violent strategies. But we have to recognize that we’re being fired upon right now. Literally, in some cases. Our healthcare, environment, education, freedom of the press… our very lives… are all currently on Congress’ chopping block when it should be the heads of our Congress that are rolling, not ours.

And if you think diplomacy can still work then remember that the wealthy are still lobbying to make cuts in services to the poorest Americans. Food stamps, unemployment, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. They are lobbying to deregulate environmental laws so they can pollute our air and water. They are lobbying to remove affordable access to healthcare. They are lobbying and they are WINNING. We are being put in increasing danger while at the same time the wealthy continues to stash 29 TRILLION in tax havens like the Cayman Islands. And Congress wants to give the wealthy even more tax cuts. Does that sound like anything is changing?

So please do not be naive to the fact that they:

  1. Know exactly what they’re doing.
  2. Know the impact they are having.
  3. Have no intention of stopping. 

At what point do we wake up and realize that this is an actual war and that it’s high time we fought back? To forcibly remove these sociopaths across all areas of government? To put Wall Street on trial and rightfully execute those responsible for the Recession? To round up the CEO’s that pay their workers starvation wages while they collect 380 times more in salary? To prosecute and imprison murderers regardless if they have a badge? The majority needs to remove our oppressors from power, by any means necessary, or we risk being snuffed out completely. Actually, scratch that. Inaction would guarantee it.

I do not enjoy violence.
I abhor it. But when put in a corner and it’s kill or be killed, I for one would rather be the one left standing. It’s not only about survival, it’s about morality. If we wait it will only be messier down the road. It’s better to load up now, strategize an efficient plan, and strike while we still have a real chance for success with minimal loss of life.

Or we can keep waiting and keep getting fucked, pretend it’s consensual as we have for at least three decades and counting… and inevitably go to war anyway. So what’s the point in waiting around?



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