My Letter To Bernie Sanders

Bernie, Bernie…  I beg of you to please stop hesitating. STOP being a crutch for the Democratic Party. All enthusiasm on the Left is for YOU and Tulsi Gabbard. That’s it. Progressives have been betrayed by Cory Booker and even Warren. Investing in a sinking ship is utterly foolish and you are too wise a man to not see that.

You must acknowledge it and then act on it.
First they rigged the primary against, then you were snubbed for VP, and now they’ve voted NOT to ban corporate lobbyists and put another corporatist in charge of the DNC. AGAIN. Are you sensing a pattern yet? How many times does Chuck Schumer have to scold you in a private meeting for speaking the truth before you realize that you are being used?
The Democratic Party has been VERY explicit in saying:


So why are you, a progressive, keeping this corporatist shell of a party alive? Pull the plug already. 14 million progressives have already deregistered from the Democratic Party since November. Another 5-7 million are expected to leave after today’s DNC fiasco.

We’re out.
We’re done.
Even if you stay in there, we are DONE.

Why not capitalize on the momentum you built, which has only grown larger, and help steer it into an effective coalition? Surely you must see that the Democrats will fail utterly in 2018? And 2020? It’s not enough just to be anti-Trump. We need something to vote FOR, not just against. Only a populist can defeat a populist.

Like it or not, that means YOU.

Please join our new Party, Bernie. We love your optimism but Tom Perez is just another DWS. We don’t have time to waste on helping those who that do not want to be helped. Not with climate change already on our doorstep. If you lead us you’ll take half the Democrats with you and a majority of Independents. The Greens will also inevitably back you and many anti-Trump Republicans.

It’s yours if you want it, Bernie Sanders. Have faith in us, have faith in the math, and you will be stunned by how massive a majority you truly have. But the clock is ticking and the hour is short. We cannot waste ANY more time if the goal is to put strong progressives in office. You also have your all-star powerhouses backing you: Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, Cornell West, Susan Sarandon, Seth MacFarlane, Killer Mike, etc. Everything is in place. We just need a clear green light from you.

Thank you for your consideration. I know it’s unfair to put so much at your feet and you might be worried that such a bold effort could fail… but history has chosen you to lead us. And the numbers ARE there. Consider this a moral mandate. Are you in? Or do we need to seek someone else that is willing to do the job?

This is no time for half measures.



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